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Our Mission

At Specialized Education Services, Inc. (SESI), our mission is to ensure that every student, no matter their unique needs, achieves success in our classrooms and schools.

We exist to make student success happen. Our trusted partnerships with school districts, intensive support of vulnerable students, and engagement with families enable improved academics, application of positive behaviors, and seamless transition in using life skills beyond the classroom. 

Defining Our Mission for Success

We know that every child can succeed, regardless of their backgrounds or demographics. At SESI, however, we don’t confine success to within the walls of the classroom—we support our students to thrive at home as well, through improved behavioral and social skills that allow them to contribute to their families and communities. How do we achieve that?

Through structure, intensive support, and individualized attention

By engaging our students with their education so they understand the value and see it through to graduation or transition

Through partnership with families to ensure they’re engaged with and supporting their child’s education

By recognizing our students’ daily victories, such as positive behaviors, improved communication skills, and academic achievements

SESI helps districts realize success as well by addressing their individualized needs and helping reduce classroom disruptions by creating a safe, structured, and cost-effective learning environments for their students with special needs.

The Special Education Solution

Students reach their highest potential in safe and structured environments that afford them a strong sense of security, an engaged learning attitude, and growth in positive behaviors. Students with academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs thrive in our standalone Sierra Schools and High Road Schools, and in-district classrooms.

Both school districts and parents trust SESI schools and programs due to our small class sizes, high staff-to-student ratios, and dedicated teachers, therapists, and other staff committed to each student’s success by implementing proven learning models, academic rigor, and positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS) frameworks.

"I give complete credit to the High Road School and their ability to listen to a parent and to understand a student’s behaviors. They were able to read my son like a book and tailor a program to his needs—one that got him back into the school setting and learning." High Road School Parent

The Alternative Education Solution

Oftentimes, students who are dealing with trauma, insecurity, learning impairments, poverty, and other hardships experience difficulties engaging with their education and ultimately become products of an education system that is not designed to help them succeed.

These resilient students deserve more. That’s why SESI’s alternative education programs offer them:

  • Re-engagement with their education
  • Positive peer culture
  • Workplace and life skills training

Our alternative education programs—which include accelerated instruction, transitional programs, and early elementary intervention—make a real difference. Our students’ success during the 2018-2019 school year was evident in the high promotion and graduation rates, as well as the significant grade-level growth in both math and reading.